About Us

“The horse through all its trials, has preserved the sweetness of paradise in its blood.”—Johannes V. Jensen, 1873 - 1950

 Heart-Centric Horsemanship ,or HCH, is open to the “two-legged” wishing to explore human-equine relationships through liberty play, halter play, classical “Haute École”* and Circensic Dressage.

McLaurine Clarke is the owner/principal horse person at Valhalla Farm and Heart-Centric Horsemanship is her creation. McLaurine has participated in a clinic with or has been influenced by many fine Horsemen and Horsewomen.

Dressage and Classical Haute Ecole influences are:


Dinny Falkenberg

Tony Clarke

Stephanie Blockley- Clarke

Dominique Barbier

Kathleen Raine

Debbie DeWitt

Anders Lindgren

Ralph Dreitzler

Andreas Hausberger

Sherry Ackerman

Michelle Stringham

Gerd Heuschmann

Craig Stevens

Carol Lynn McCardle


Jumping/Eventing influences are:


Karla Pohl

Martin Ridgeway

Denise Green

Young Horse Starting/ Groundwork/Stallion Education/Handling influences are:


Byron Clark

Dale Offerman

Jon Ensign



Liberty/Trick Training/ Circensic Dressage influences are:


Derek Anderson,

Lauri LaSabre Grell

Allen Pogue

Dale Offerman

Silvia Zerbini 

McLaurine Clarke is indebted to the above experts and instructors, some of whom are known internationally for showing her technique options, some of which are useful and others of which are currently questioned in international circles and blogs.  This is  especially true with respect to Dressage/Classical Education.  McLaurine credits Michelle Stringham with assisting in the overhaul of her seat and in defining balance in horse and rider.  McLaurine credits Gerd Heuschmann,and Craig Stevens with the two significant puzzle pieces that led her to her current classically inclined technique, which is similar in scope to Phillipe Karl, and the School of Legerete.  Most recently, McLaurine took lessons with Carol Lynn McCardle.

McLaurine competed moderately in Dressage and Eventing from 1998 to 2004 in both schooling and A -rated shows in Washington State and California, scoring in the sixties in Dressage and placing in Eventing. McLaurine will compete again when the competition governing bodies again embrace, promote and utilize classical principles.

Currently McLaurine is creating a one-woman exhibition (inspired by Cavalia) for classical Dance between horse and human both mounted and unmounted, marrying her expertise as a classical dancer/choreographer ( BA- U Washington 1988 with high honors)and professional theatrical experience (1987-1995 Seattle, WA) in dance and musical theatre with her equestrian artistry. McLaurine, also a capable singer, brings her considerable musical knowledge to her performances for equine/human dance, the likes of which have not been seen, even on Cavalia’s international stage.

The resident herd at Valhalla Farm, located in Washington State, Includes four retired racehorses-thoroughbreds -Diamond Life, OnlyInTheMoonlight, ShenandoahRiver, and RunBanditRun, all with impressive racing bloodlines, Also in the equine family are Monte Nahar, Andalusian -Thoroughbred cross gelding, Gray Dove, Arab gelding, Valkyrie, Friesian mare.

Valhalla Farm also stands two exceptional stallions, Von Goethe, a Friesian/Thoroughbred cross, (aka “Tigger”) is a registered Silver Medalist with FBHR, and Capricio Reggio (aka “Capri”) is IALHA (½ PRE) preserving ancient Carthusian lines.