Horses speak to us silently, Feel our emotions, Feel our pain. Horses protect us, Love us
and Depend on us for food, Shelter, Guidance, Safety and discipline. (Author unknown)

Our Mission

Heart-Centric™ Horsemanship
To cultivate a present, loving and equal relationship with horses, grounded in mutual trust and respect.


From McLaurine

I am first and foremost an animal communicator specializing in horses. I have had a close kinship with animals since my childhood, and I began redeveloping a close kinship with horses in 1994. I perceive, although I can’t scientifically prove it, that horses are sentient, intelligent and self-aware. I also perceive that they, as a species, carry knowledge and wisdom integral to the organic evolution of all living creatures on this earth.


I have learned many inspiring techniques; some first, some second or even third hand. A number of these approaches date from classical Greece (BCE) through 17th century Europe and into the 3rd millennium. Some I have invented. Yes there are countless loving, talented horse-people around the globe... I do not promote one heart-felt training or education technique over another. Insightful awareness, which can be developed by all, fuels my interaction with horses. When all is said and done, however, the master teacher of horsemanship and equestrian artistry are the Horses. As such, each day is partly scripted, partly choreographed and mostly improvised. Being successful with horses is 10% technique and 90% timing and feel.

All members of the Valhalla herd family are learning halter play, liberty play, classical Haute École and Circensic Dressage.

McLaurine Clarke
Owner, Valhalla Farm

Put Yourself in their Hooves!

Imagine...yourself as a horse. Feel what it feels like; your eyesight designed to perceive sllight movement against brush for at least one mile. Your hearing capable of detecting frequencies beyond the human scale.  Your smelling power detects meat-eating predators from a mile away.

So, when you ask your naturally claustrophobic companion, who depends on his/her ability to run in order to avoid being a meal for a large mammalian predator, to be confined to a 12x12  wooden box, or a 7x7 compartment in a wheeled metal box (trailer), give it some time and be patient. Turn your horse out as much as possible. Let your horse be a horse whenever possible, and relate to your horse's needs as a HORSE, not as a slave in the human world.

Tell your horse(s) how superb they are. Horses have self-esteem issues too. Horses require and deserve praise and positive reinforcement for their efforts in order for them to learn living in the foreign (to them) world of humans. Only human hubris assumes horses owe humans anything.

Horses are Therapeutic (for Humans)

Horses find emotional dishonesty intolerable. Horses feel the real you and thus know when you are deceiving yourself. The ones who have not shut down out of protection or been shut down by human machination will, one way or another, reflect back emotional dishonesty.

      Horses bring humans face to face with their souls.

      Horses can help humans feel & heal their emotional wounds.

      Horses show humans the way back to their instinctive selves.

Regaining our Wild, Authentic Self through Horsemanship

The earth and her inhabitants are ascending in consciousness.  A horse's role in this evolutionary leap is leading humans back into heart-centered existence, based in the frequency of what we define as love, harmony, compassion, or connectedness.  Some might even call it Unity Consciousness.